About Me

Dents or an indentation in breast cancer

I’m the mother to the love of my life, my 7-year-old daughter, Elizabeth. I’m a kitchen gadget-loving photographer, germaphobe, chronic-Googler, and a flip flop & yoga-pant-wearing, shopaholic. Amazon, and anything that makes my life easier, is my best friend.

After being diagnosed with breast cancer, and I have totally changed my life after my diagnosis. I never thought I would be a health-nut, and even though I was kind of forced into it, I’m so happy being one! I want to spread awareness about breast cancer, things to watch for, and how anyone diagnosed needs to reevaluate his/her life. (Yes, men can have it, too!)

I believe in a a low sugar, whole food diet, as close to plant-based as possible. I DO NOT eat ANY processed sugars, and I was a sugar-addict before my diagnosis. I convinced myself that I was a healthy eater, but I DEFINITELY was not. Admittedly, I’ve been a carb-aholic my entire life.

I’m a huge believer in doing natural things to cure/prevent a reoccurrence of my cancer. Things like eating a whole foods diet, getting enough sleep, exercise, taking time to de-stress, (I’m still a work-in-progress on this one) and natural supplements are the basis of my “treatment plan.” Please know, I’m just a regular person, not a doctor, so please use the info posted on my site at your own risk.